The way you spot enemies and reveal them to your team mates is changing, bringing a new level of team play to Robocraft!!!


The rules that determine if the enemy has a red name tag above their head are changing
The tag will not be present by default and will only appear in certain situations

  • Enemy is very close (i.e. 30m) and is visible
  • Enemy has been shot by you, tag will stay on screen for a few seconds after shot
  • Your Enemy Radar is detecting the enemy and is not being Jammed by a Radar Jammer
  • You have a Receiver, and an Ally is picking up the enemy with their Enemy Radar
  • You have ‘spotted’ the enemy by pushing ‘Q’ when you cross-hair is on or near the enemy


  • The hexagon shape above an enemy’s robot will be changed to a shield with a number on it
  • The number will tell you what armor the enemy has, i.e. what Tier is the majority of their armor
  • Enemy Radars, Receivers and ‘Spotting’ will reveal the shield icon even when it is behind mountains so you’ll always be aware of their position
  • If you have line of sight to an enemy with a shield icon, then the name tag and health bar appears also
  • ‘Spotting’ with ‘Q’ also reveals the enemy shield icon and name tag (since you can only do this when you have line-of-sight)


  • Push ‘Q’ to ‘Spot’ an enemy that you can see when your cross-hair is on or near an enemy
  • You can ‘spot’ enemies at any range, but must have line of sight to them
  • When you ‘spot’ an enemy your allies are notified via a ‘blip’ on the HUD map accompanied by a sound
  • When you have been ‘spotted’ by an enemy, you are notified by an ‘exclamation mark’ icon in the HUD and a sound effect
  • ‘Spotting’ has a cooldown, so you can’t spam the ‘Q’ button whilst scanning the fog, if you miss, you have to wait 5 seconds to try again
  • Sometimes when an enemy is spotted, voice over will say stuff like “Plasma Bomber spotted” or “Rail Drone spotted” or even “Gunbed spotted”, but we will limit how often this VO plays to prevent it getting annoying and prevent it overlapping when lots of enemies are spotted at the same time
  • A ‘spotted’ enemy, stays spotted for around 15 seconds. If re-spotted, the 15 second ‘spotted’ duration will reset but a sound won’t be played

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