How do radar and jammers work? // ROBOCRAFT


Radar, Jammers, and Receivers

Robocraft has three cubes that affect radar. Enemy Radar, the Radar Receiver, and the Radar Jammer.

Enemy Radar

Enemy Radar displays the position of enemies as red blips on the mini-map. It also transmits the positions of enemies to friendly Radar Receivers. If a robot has no radar or it is destroyed it won’t transmit enemy locations. Higher level radar has longer range and reduces the effectiveness of jamming.

Tip: Use the best radar available to get a larger Scouting Bonus.

Tip: The radar dish points at the nearest enemy. Put one on the front of your robot to see where the nearest enemy is.

LevelTierRange (m)ArmorCPURobot Ranking
1 13201201010
3 856080582030518

Radar Receiver

A Radar Receiver lets a robot to receive radar signals from friendly players with functional radars. The signals show up as red blips on the mini-map. Receiver range increases with level.

LevelTierRange (m)ArmorCPURobot Ranking
1 1501202222
2 36043424150
3 5701372261016
4 7803319286836
5 99063483045776

Radar Jammer

A Radar Jammer makes a robot invisible on enemy radar for a short period. The robot shows up as a blinking red dot. More jamming power makes time the blip is invisible longer. Jamming power from multiple jammers stack. Jamming power increases with level.

LevelTierJamming Power (mW)ArmorCPURobot Ranking
1 1.31202222
2 3.543424150
3 5.71372261016
4 7.93319286836
5 91.163483045776


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