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Premium Account Price Analysis

I wanted to get a premium account, so I ran the numbers. The chart below shows the max amount of time you can get with a Galaxy Cash purchase.

Getting 4,500 Galaxy Cash for $4.95 isn’t a very good deal. Freejam made it just below the 30 day plan. Sadly, we all know why they do this. If you buy this tier the best bang for your buck is two 7 day plans. You could also buy four 3 day plans if you just want to buy premium when new cubes come out. If you only bought Galaxy Cash in $4.95 at a time you end up paying $10/mo.

The $9.95 tier is more reasonable. It would end up being $6.73/mo. You could get it down to around $5/mo if you didn’t buy the two 7 day and one 1 day plan and just kept getting 30 day plans.

The $19.95 tier brings it down to $3.37/mo. It’s not a large investment and you get a good monthly price. You could also get a 90 day plan instead of a 180 plan and have some GC left over for cubes and cosmetic items. It would obviously raise the monthly price.

And finally there are the $39.95 and $79.95 plans. Both under $3/mo. But I’m not sure how many people want to drop $40+ at once or commit to playing Robocraft for over a year.

Galaxy CashCost180 Day Plan90 Day Plan30 Day Plan7 Day Plan3 Day Plan1 Day PlanTotal TimePrice / Month
4,500$4.95---2-115 days$10.04
10,000$9.95--12-145 days$6.73
25,000$19.951-----6 months$3.37
65,000$39.9521----1.23 years$2.70
150,000$79.956- ----2.95 years$2.25

NOTE: Prices as of July 22, 2014.


Stay away from the cheapest Galaxy Cash tier and spend $9.95 or $19.95. I’d only get the most expensive tiers if you really think you’ll play for over a year or you want to buy cubes and cosmetic items.

Please leave a comment if I messed up the math.

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