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Armor Efficiency vs Weapons

In this article we will examine the efficiency of armor against different tiers of weapons. It’s known that armor loses efficiency in higher tiers, but the question is how much? We’ll also look at the effects of using higher level weapons and armor.

Same Level Armor

We will first compare armor against weapons of the same level. The table below shows how many blocks get shot off a bot with a single hit.

One thing that immediately stands out is how terrible level 0 white blocks are. This may be part of the reason for the nerf railguns movement. New players should unlock tier 1 armored cubes as soon as possible.

As we travel down the table we see that as tier increases armor becomes increasingly less effective. At tier 10 bots lose 17 or 18 blocks from a single plasma or rail hit. Brutal.

This could be another reason for the cries against rail guns and why players tend to prefer lower tier games. It seems to me that armor needs to be raised or weapon damage needs to be lowered. Rail cannon can be fired six times in a row. 17.8 x 6 is about 106 blocks. That is going to seriously mess up any robot.

Armor  TierSMGPlasma Cannon Rail Cannon
 0 2.421 13.1
 1 .7 6 3.7
 2 .8 6.1 3.7
 3 1.1 7.7 5.5
 4 1.4 9.3 7.3
 5 1.7 10.9 9
 6 2.1 12.4 10.8
 7 2.5 14 12.5
 8 2.9 15.6 14.3
 9 3.3 17.2 16.1
 10 3.9 18.7 17.8

Here is a graph of the number of cubes destroyed by each weapon type. You can see how bad tier 0 armor is and how the number of blocks destroyed keeps increasing.


Armor vs weapons of equal level

Lower Level Armor

Now lets see what happens when the armor is lower level than the weapon. For instance, when a tier 3 weapon hits tier 2 armor.

We see that if lower level armor is used the robot will lose 1 or 2 cubes more per hit. This effect is more pronounced at lower tiers. Tier 2 and 3 weapons do double damage against tier 1 and 2 armor. Upgrade your armored cubes!

Armor TierSMGPlasma Cannon Rail Cannon
 10 - - -

Armor vs weapon of one higher level compared to baseline

Higher Level Armor

Finally, let’s see the effects of higher level armor. For example, when a level 3 gun hits level 4 armor.

We can see that from level 2 to 4 you may not even lose a block if you get hit. At higher levels you’ll lose 2 or 3 less blocks per hit.

 TierSMGPlasma Cannon Rail Cannon

Armor vs weapon of one lower level compared to baseline


  • Tier 0 armor is garbage. Upgrade to level 1 armored cubes as soon as possible, or use wind shields and heavy blocks.
  • Skip armor between tiers at your own risk.
  • Use higher level guns to prey on people who skip armor.

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