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How to Make a Flyer

Making a flyer is easy once you understand some basic physics.

The Physics of Flight

First, there is the center of gravity. This is basically the middle of your plane. Unfortunately, unlike Kerbal Space Program, Robocraft doesn’t tell you where it is. If you build symmetrically you can make a pretty good guess.

In the picture below the center of gravity is the blue cube directly below the pilot seat. Note that there are 5 cubes in front of the pilot seat and 5 behind it. The wing mounts are also placed an equal distance from the pilot seat.

Next, you need to need to know the thrust line. To keep it simple place the thrusters in a line. The thrust line passes directly through them.

Finally, we need to know the center of lift. Keeping things simple again, we will place the wings in a line. The center of lift is a exactly in the middle of them.

Constructing a Basic Flyer

Now we can make a simple aircraft.

  1. Locate the center of gravity.
  2. Place the thrusters in line with the center of gravity so that the thrust passes directly through the center of gravity.
  3. Place the wings so that the center of lift passes directly through the center of gravity.

A basic stick bomber.

After you construct this basic plane you can enlarge it to your liking. Just keep careful track of the center of gravity so you can line up your wings and thrusters,

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