Release Notes - Tharsis Rift (0.6.760)


Release Notes – Tharsis Rift (0.6.760)

NEW MAP – MARS #3 “Tharsis Rift”

  • Beautiful sweeping mountain ranges and valleys, provide tactical air play
  • High vantage points, provide height advantages
  • Unique ‘mushroom’ rock formations, provide aerial cover

NEW CUBE – Alignment Rectifier aka “The Flipper”

  • Automatically activates when your Robot is still for a few seconds
  • Activates more quickly when your Robot is upturned
  • Push ‘F’ to ‘pulse’ when it is active
  • Hold ‘F’ for longer (up to 2 seconds) to release more impulse force
  • Higher levels can flip Robots with a greater mass


  • Swept back and smaller variant of the Aerofoil
  • Tier 5-10 available
  • Less lift force provided, but very effective as ‘compact’ flaps for use as rudder and ailerons

NEW LOBBY – Uber lobby

  • Lobby’s are now split into Tier groups
  • Queue times will be reduced, and matches will be fairer at high Tier
  • All separate lobby’s are shown on the one UI screen, so you see all Robots waiting to battle


  • Previously when a weapon destroyed a cube, the remaining damage would be past to the neighbors
  • But, if the remaining damage went to a dead end it was lost
  • The new damage model ensures that all damage from a weapon is dissipated into the Robot
  • Another key change is that any damage passed to the cube under the Pilot seat, is partially absorbed by the pilot seat
  • These changes allow for more satisfying, more powerful and more consistent Plasma and Rail
  • One-shot kills are still possible, but less random

NEW TECH TREE LAYOUT – New Progression System

  • Key change here, some low level cubes have been removed from the Tech Tree at low Tiers
  • This change is designed to introduce new users to the game more steadily
  • And, more importantly to release cool new content more slowly
  • We now consider T1-5 to be ‘Training’
  • The real Robocraft starts at T6 which is when the Robo-Leagues will begin when launched
  • Users who have already unlocked lower level cubes will still be able to buy, sell, and use them
  • But, these cubes will be made obsolete with the next major launch in one weeks time
  • RP and TP for obsolete cubes will be reimbursed
  • The Tech Tree layout has been reworked to make it less overwhelming and more easy to read
  • Cubes are unlocked in the following order:
  • T1 – SMG, Wheels, Armor, Radar, Alignment Rectifier
  • T2 – Hoverblades, Thrusters
  • T3 – Plasm, Electroplates, Jammers
  • T4 – Helium, Rails
  • T5 – Aerofoils, Rudders


  • New ‘Maintenance Mode’ system, this will allow us to bring the game up from a new update more ‘carefully’, allowing us to ensure that all servers are connected and ready to launch battles as soon as you get in after the update
  • TP awarded for Assists
  • Cube TP costs re-balanced to compensate for all the recent changes and new TP rewards
  • Pressing TAB is now the same as pressing ‘E’ so brings up the Battle Menu
  • Mouse Wheel now zooms in the Tech Tree screen
  • Switching between the Cube Inventory and Cube Depot screens retains the Category you had selected
  • Removed a long delay when launching a battle from the mothership so you enter more quickly
  • You can enter battle when a repair has started, no need to wait for the repair animation
  • Mouse can be used to drag and rotate the camera when in the Garage, mouse wheel will zoom
  • Pushing ‘L’ switches head lamps on\off (including in multiplayer)
  • BUG FIX: Rail SFX fixed
  • BUG FIX; Rail reload time hack prevention, authenticated server side, users hacking this will be auto-kicked
  • BUG FIX: TP rewards bugged, so rewarding too many

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