Release Notes - Electroplate Armor (0.6.757)


Release Notes – Electroplate Armor (0.6.757)


Electroplate Armor

  • 10 x Levels of Electroplate Armor
  • Each level has a Left and Right version
  • Complex shapes for the more experienced Robocrafter to figure out how to build with
  • Electroplates have 2 ‘Healths’
  • Electroplates health recovers if you can avoid taking damage for 15 seconds
  • An alarm will sound when your shield is down
  • A single Electroplate will take the full force of a Plasma shell of the same level
  • Electroplate shields prevent Plasma and Rail damage from passing through to the Chassis
  • Electroplates have very high CPU (equal to 2x SMG of same level) and high Robot Ranking
  • Premium membership gives ‘Early Access’ to these new cubes TODAY!
  • All other users get access to the Electroplates on Saturday 26th July


  • Each Tier now has a ‘Max CPU’, if you build a Robot too large for that Tier, it will push up to the next Tier regardless of what Robot Rank the cubes are on your Robot
  • Chinese flag added in Cosmetics cubes
  • Pause \ Quit menu added to Practice and Spectator Modes


  • Hover Blades no longer flip you upside down when you enter Practice Mode
  • Helium Tanks now render properly, they were sometimes invisible
  • You can now scroll to see all friends in the list when you have a lot of friends
  • Enemies are now colored red again
  • Vapour Trails no longer glitch across the screen when you spawn in a multiplayer match
  • Tier Gauge now resizes properly when you switch resolution

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