Rails 2.0


Rails 2.0

Rail guns are getting an overhaul.

A lot of feedback on the weapons in game.
Currently we are pretty happy with where the Plasma and SMG’s are at the moment, and don’t plan any further nerfs or major gameplay changes in those weapons going forwards.

We feel that Rail’s are still a problem in game though.

Our aim has always been to have a sniper style weapon that is very powerful and feared, but with some major weaknesses too. But, currently the Rail is virtually impossible to play against. When a Rail shoots you, you often see the red laser only moments before you are brutally damaged or one-shot killed. Often this happens before you could possibly know where the Rail was positioned, and you can do nothing about it.

Your only option is to creep slowly round the edges of the map, making sure your allies go into the open first to reveal the Rail gunners or use up their ammo so you can take them down.

We want the Rail’s to be more fun to play against.

This week we’re adding some changes to the way that Rail accuracy works.

  • The red laser will appear a few seconds before the Rail is fully charged
  • Moving the camera to aim too quickly will reduce the accuracy of the Rail, moving it very slowly will not
  • The above will mean that Rail’s need to aim, wait a couple of seconds, and then fire to get full accuracy, which will give people playing against Rail a little more time to respond
  • Firing the Rail will also trigger this loss in accuracy, so after firing a shot, a Rail user will need to wait a couple of seconds to regain full accuracy for each subsequent shot
  • Rail’s will be able to push ‘R’ or the Middle Mouse Wheel in order to reload the Rail, as opposed to having to fire off dummy shots to start the reload. Reloading before you’ve fired all shots will speed up the reload, but only slightly

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