New Damage Model in Development


New Damage Model in Development

you are right – we are testing a new damage model right now here in the studio, this will make the damage consistent throughout the tiers. — Fat_Digester

More details from Mark. Looks they’ll finally fix the dead end damage bug in the next patch.

It does radiate fairly evenly, but there are issues with it that will be addressed with the next update.

The damage of your weapon is first dissipated in the block it hits. If there is any remaining damage it is passed to the neighbouring cubes. After that, if there is any remaining it is passed to the neighbours-neighbours and so on. So it’s pretty even in the way it distributes.

The main issue at the moment is that when the damage hits a dead-end the damage is lost. This results in unpredictable results, i.e. sometimes a Rail will make a massive hole in a Robot, and sometimes it seems like virtually nothing happened (same goes for Plasma).

The damage model has been changed for next launch so the damage is not lost and continues dissipating evenly until it fully dissipated with no damage lost. We will have to reduce the damage, particularly of Plasma and Rail to compensate and ensure the game ‘feels’ the same as it does now.

But, this change will ensure that Rails can be brought back into contention at high Tier, and Rails should feel less frustrating for both shooter and person being shot, in that they will be less binary (i.e. one-shot-kill or hey-nothing-happened). – Mark

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