More maps on the way // ROBOCRAFT


More Maps Coming

Let’s see, I think we have 4 maps right now. There’s a new map coming out tomorrow. That means we should be expecting at least 4 more maps.

you realise you are in the early release section of Steam right? we are aiming to get to a minimum of 9 maps to you guys as fast as possible, they will include maps from new planets too – once we have a good spread of maps across all tiers we will begin polishing them by improving the gameplay balance and boosting the graphical quality of the maps.

Robocraft and other similar indie games would not exist if it wasn’t for this early access type of process – 5 guys made this core game on a shoe-string, this is the only process we could take to grow the game, i’d say to everyone, please be patient with our problems, bug and crashes, stay with us and help us grow, one day we are going to be HUGE and that will be all down to what you guys do now :)Fat_Digester

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