Electroplate Generators


Electroplate Generators

Electroplate generators are on Freejam’s radar. An electroplate generator would be a cube that powers one or more electroplates. Electroplate generators would fix the problem that an electroplate’s strength is tied to its shape. The generator would determine the strength of the electroplate, decoupling shape from strength.

More design options would be available because any electroplate shape could be used. Currently it’s pretty useless to use a level 3 electroplate on a tier 7 robot. Level 7 weapons cut through level 3 electroplates like a hot knife through butter.

There are 10, well, 8 electroplate shapes. In order for there to be an electroplate of every shape/power combination there would have to be 80 of them. With electroplate generators there would only need to be 10 electroplate shapes and 8 electroplate power generators for a total of 18. Plus the assets for electroplates already exist, so no new art would have to be produced.

We want to implement the ‘generators’ idea suggested on this forum. It will allow all shapes to be viable at all Tiers from 3 upwards. –Mark


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