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Development Roadmap – August 2014

Alright, so we’ve got our flipper cubes and electroplates. Rails and plasma are causing mass devastation. What’s next? Camouflage It will be possible to apply “paint” to cubes on robots to make them more colorful. Regular uses will be able to […]


How to Stop Chat Spam

Tru offers this useful advice on how to stop chat spam. Simply type /ignore name ,all that spamming will stop, perhaps they can give us a “right click on name ” feature for ignore. –Tru


Development Update: Electroplates Tuesday!

If all goes well, we’ll see Electroplate armor on Tuesday. The update should also contain the disconnected cube highlighter. Sadly, no mention of the damage algorithm fix or weapon balance. Coming Soon Alignment Rectifier, aka Flipper Cube  - this cube returns a […]


Robocraft Promotional Codes

From time to time Robocraft offers free promotional codes. They give away free RP to new users, premium time, or free cubes. Below is a list of known Robocraft promotional codes. If a promo code doesn’t work, please leave a […]